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Effects of smoking on oral health

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for health. Smoking tobacco can lead to cancer, lung diseases, and heart diseases. But do you know how smoking affects your oral cavity? After all every puff of smoke that enters your body has to first pass through your lips, tongue, teeth, gums and [...]

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Why Do People Start Smoking?

‘Smoking is injurious to health’. We always read this tagline in every kind of tobacco add, before the beginning of every film, and even on the pack of cigarettes. Even after knowing all kind of hazards smoking does to our body people smoke. But have we ever thought why people [...]

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Smile Time – Monthly NewsLetter April 2013

Wishing you all a very happy and smiling April 2013. May this new financial year create abundance in your financial growth. 32Smiles completed 9 years of practice on 21st March. Started in 2003 as a single dental chair clinic, 32Smiles has now expanded to five dental chairs and has emerged [...]

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