While focusing on maintaining a good oral hygiene, we mainly focus on our teeth structure and forget the gums! Having bright white teeth doesn’t necessarily mean the person has good and strong gums. In fact, gums are a very crucial part for having good teeth. These are basically the roots of your teeth. Gums are the lining of soft tissues which surround the teeth and seal around them. So if you have damaged gums, there is no point in treating just the teeth, treatment has to be done from the foundation

Today let us look at some of the gum health basics:

– What to look out for?

  1. Blood:

    Have you noticed small droplets of blood in your mouth while brushing or cleaning them? It can be either because you are brushing too hard, but it can also indicate the building up of plaque or tarter. Consider seeing a dentist if the bleeding increases or doesn’t stop

  2. Color: 

    Healthy gums usually have a color ranging from medium pink to brown. Dark red gums are a sign of some underlying issue. Consult a dentist immediately for this

  3. Recession: 

    Have you noticed the gum pulling out or exposing a tooth? This is called gum recession. This is in majority caused by thick deposition of tarter on gums. Unfortunately, there is no going back from this. It can also result in increasing the sensitivity of teeth.

  4. Bad Breath: 

    There can be various causes of bad breath, and poor oral health is one of them. It can be symptoms of gingivitis, gum disease, tonsils, etc. You can try upgrading to a better mouthwash and still if the bad breath continues, go see a dentist immediately!

– What to do about it?

  1. Paying close attention: 

    If something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t. Pay close attention to your gums, if you see any of the above basic gum issues signs, its time you see a doctor!

  2. Change your habits: 

    If you brush your teeth twice daily and still see some plaque deposits, consider thoroughly cleaning your teeth after lunch or dinner too! You can also start using mouthwash and floss if you aren’t using them already!

  3. Regular checkup: 

    You can schedule monthly visits to a dentist to get a regular check up done. Like they say, prevention is always better than cure. It is always better to see a dentist and keep your oral health under check!

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