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What is Dental CBCT – It’s Uses and Advantage

CBCT or Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography is an X-ray equipment which is used in cased where regular facial or dental x-rays do not solve the purpose. It is special x-ray machine that produces 3D (3 dimensional) images of the teeth, nerve pathways, surrounding soft tissue and the bone in [...]

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Should you Pull your Child’s Hanging Teeth?

Don’t we all know the drama that follows a loose tooth? We have all seen how a hanging tooth can lead to nervous sobbing and refusing to eat because the tooth will hurt. As parents, we do a number of firsts like blowing the nose with our t-shirt and some [...]

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Is Pollution Damaging your Teeth?

If you thought pollution has been harming only your lungs, well think again. Experts say that pollution is highly damaging to our teeth as well. The metals and chemicals present in the air attack our teeth and over time they can lead to a number of problems like discoloring, erosion [...]

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Do’s and Don’ts during an Orthodontic(braces) Treatment

Orthodontic treatment Orthodontic treatment is very common in today’s time. Right from celebrities to the most common man next door, almost every second person you know has sometimes been through Orthodontic treatment. We also know that sometimes these alien wires attached to your teeth make you quite uncomfortable, sometimes there [...]

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Getting Your Missing Teeth Replaced

As we grow older, life gives us the opportunity to experience in numerous changes. Some of these changes begin back at home, by affecting the numerous body organs. The tooth is the prime example of this. The teeth is an amazing set of sensory organs that allow food to be [...]

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