You may have heard this term very frequently! Basically floss is a thin cord of thin filaments which is used to remove stuck food and plaque. It reaches area in your mouth that your toothbrush can’t reach! It has been a widely accepted by dentists that flossing is an effective way of maintain a good oral hygiene

Today let us look at the pros and cons of flossing:

  • Floss Type: The first question your dentist is going to ask you is “What type of floss do you use?” You will usually come across varied types of floss-waxed, unwaxed, water flossers etc
    • Unwaxed- This has no wax quoting.
      • Pro- Gets into tight spaces. Has a good grip which makes it easier to use. This is a good option if you have tightly situated teeth
      • Con- It is pretty non-sturdy. The strands can snap often during use
    • Waxed- This has a thin layer of wax
      • Pro- Wax quoting makes it smooth, so its slides between spaces easily. It is sturdy resulting into less breakage
      • Con- It is thicker making it difficult to slide between tight spaces. The texture is a little slicker to grip because of the wax coating.
    • Water Flossers- Commonly known as Waterpiks, these are basically a small water gun that you can spray in your mouth.
      • Pro- It is very gentle as compared to traditional string floss. The water stream gets into spaces easily and gives more effective cleaning.
      • Con- Water floss is ineffective in removing plaque from teeth as effectively as traditional floss.

If you choose the wrong type of floss it can result in non-effective cleaning of the mouth, irritation while trying to floss or even an overall distrust in flossing itself!

  • Flossing technique: Dentists have always focused of apt and suitable flossing technique. It is a very good method for maintaining oral hygiene
    • Pro– A correct flossing technique will help you in maintaining an excellent oral health by cleaning in the tight spaces where normally it gets difficult for your toothbrush to reach
    • Con– If you floss with the wrong technique or if you use excess force, you may end up injuring your gums!

Flossing is a great way to have a fresh and clean mouth, but we would advise that you consult a dentist to select the type of floss and also learn the correct technique to use it.

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