Invisalign or Braces? Which is a better option for straightening teeth?

32 year old Mahima, was unhappy with her smile and overall appearance because of her irregular front teeth. Nervousness while taking photographs, especially selfie photographs was bringing down her self esteem.

At last, she decided to correct her esthetic appearance, but was not sure if it will be corrected at her age? After research on the internet, she was assured orthodontic treatment is the best and most conservative way of improving her smile, but what confused her is the variety of options she came across.

BRACES or INVISALIGN ALIGNERS? – was the confusion more so because she came across mixed feedbacks about each of the option.

Though she was convinced Invisalign is best choice for her due to its invisibility and comfort, but, like any other patient ,she too had her doubts about its effectiveness.

She then visited 32Smiles Dental Clinic to clear her doubts and got all the following queries answered –

  1. How effective Invisalign in moving teeth?

Invisalign uses innovative and advanced technology to align teeth, with the use of smart force technology. Invisalign uses series of custom made removable aligners specially made for your teeth. These aligners are made up of virtually invisible trays that you wear over your teeth to gradually move them to the desired position. Most people will not know you are wearing them and hence allowing you to keep your lifestyle undisturbed during the treatment.

2. Is it possible to treat more crowded and difficult cases with Invisalign?

Yes, only If your invisalign provider is well experienced and if he feels your case is fit for treatment after seeing the X ray, photographs and 3D scan. More than 90 % cases from mild to severe treatment can be done with invislaign with right planning by your orthodontist.

3. Is it faster than braces?

It’s not faster than braces in all cases but case with simple movement it is definitely faster than braces. In some cases it’s 30-50% faster than braces. How painful is the Invisalign treatment?

It’s customised selective force mechanics. It moves specific teeth at a particular time. In general, it is less painful than fixed braces, and like any type of orthodontic treatment, the pain fades after the teeth adjust to wearing the aligners and to having new aligners swapped in and out.

4. How often I need to visit the orthodontist?

You need to visit doctor for check up once in 6-8 weeks. For frequent travellers who cannot visit doctor often, Invisalign is the best choice of treatment as you can collect all the aligners in one go in some cases and visit doctor whenever you are in city for check up.

5. Is it very expensive?

The high end technology, expertise, research in designing aligners and the experience that Invisalign gives to patients, it’s worth the value for money in improving teeth esthetic invisible way. The cost of these aligners totally depends upon severity of problem and number of set of aligner and it ranges from 1.2 lakh till 3 lakh, depending on cases. The Easy EMI option makes it simple for patients choosing Invisalign.

In conclusion Mahima realized that if I am looking for invisible option due to my work profile and time constraints, then invisalign is the right choice of appliance over braces. Others aligners are available but should be used in only simple cases as they do not have exceptional 3D control as invisalign or fixed braces.

She was indeed thankful to the doctor and was convinced to go ahead with 3D scanning, x ray and photographs for the virtual planning of her case.

Miss Malini With Dr. Milind Darda
Nikhil stays in Kolkata travelled all the way to start his invisalign treatment from 32 smiles pune
Youth discussing the benefits of Invisalign® treatment. She shared her journey with Dr Milind Darda and 32 Smiles with her Invisalign – Invisible Treatment.
Miss Malvika recommends, reviews Invisalign treatment

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