Our Drive for Healthy Smile

facilitiesPhoto8We conducted a detailed study amongst the Pune population about their dental awareness. The abstract of that study appalled us. The study reflected that almost 85 % of population brushed their teeth only once a day, while almost 95 % of population was unaware of the proper methods of brushing. There is absolute lack of awareness about teeth and gum maintenance. Many studies show strong relationship between poor oral health status and kidney infection, lung infection, premature delivery.

This made us initiate a Dental Fitness Centre at our clinic where we will carry out all dental awareness programs for everyone with absolute no cost.

Our Mission

  • Creating awareness about Dental Fitness
  • Educate people about importance of Oral Health
  • Creating parent as role model for children’s dental health
  • Promoting healthy diet and Good oral Habits
  • Preventing future Oral health problems
  • Spreading confident and Healthy smiles

We have created Team of dentist which is working hard to spread the drive of importance of healthy smile by carrying out 20 min. dental fitness counseling of patients at no cost. We make people aware about importance of dental health by:

  • Explaining them how to create healthy teeth & gum with right methods & habits
  • Educating them about importance of oral health
  • Promoting right diet and healthy oral habits through print media and leaflets
  • Promoting healthy diet and Good oral Habits
  • Providing them dental fitness card which shows details about their dental fitness and guidelines for improvement

Social Camps

We carry out dental fitness lectures in communities, corporate houses and schools to spread awareness amongst the population about dental fitness.

As a responsible organization it’s our duty to find out existing dental health status of rural and urban population through camps. Through the Social camps, we not only check their dental health status but also explain them importance of good dental health through series of lectures.

Ujwala Smile Fund

13895546_1796340197266501_7434706625430401085_n We, at 32Smiles consider it our collective social responsibility and our mission to treat every individual, especially the ones from economically weak backgrounds at concessional and affordable cost.