How to choose the Best Dentist For You?

You probably clicked on this article because you are searching for a dentist that fits your needs. In this article, you will find the answer to factors you need to consider while choosing a dentist.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST DENTIST Searching best dentist near me

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • Our apprehensions while searching for a dentist.
  • Best dentist near me & identifying fake reviews.
  • Finally, how to aptly choose a dentist?

Many times, a tooth or two aches or our teeth need to be well aligned, we go running to our dentists. However, the apprehensions follow us like a ghost. We bombard our brains with questions like:

  • “What if my toothache doesn’t go away?”
  • “Would I ever have straight teeth so that I can smile away?”
  • “Oh no, will he take my tooth out?”
  • “Would I get those braces where I’ll have to hide my smile?” and so many more!

And in no time, we reach out to our dear friend Google.

The first thing we do is frantically search for: ‘Best dentists near me‘.

The Best Dentists In Pune

See How 32Smiles Can Get You A Confident Beautiful Smile

Braces | Aligners | Invisalign | Implants | Whitening | Root Canal Treatment

The Best Dentists In Pune

See How 32Smiles Can Get You A Confident Beautiful Smile

Braces | Aligners | Invisalign | Implants | Whitening | Root Canal Treatment


Then, we pick out the one with the most reviews. However, it sometimes turns out to be either too expensive or of poor service. Then, we come back saddened and find ourselves lost in the same whirlpool of thoughts. Because it isn’t always what we see!

Did you know that these reviews can be fake? Yes, what you just read is true. ‘Many Businesses’ buy fake reviews to ameliorate the image of their services. 

How to know if the reviews are fake?

Here are a few things you could analyze to pick out the right reviews:

  1. Notice the tone While you scroll past the numerous ratings, read carefully the tone. A real review is supposed to be informal, candid, and based on real-life experience. However, the fake review is likely to use marketing slang, technical terms. Whereas, a true reviewer focuses on the physical aspects of dental treatment more. Hence, keep track to find factual reviews.
  2. Check the profile – If the reviewer is fake, they won’t create a complete profile. Instead, they’ll add a random profile picture and name and comment on random and untrue things.
  3. Poorly crafted reviews – The fake reviewer will usually use short sentences to describe the dental treatment. Look out for such reviews and tick them off the box. 

This way you can easily differentiate between fake and true reviews.

Now that you have identified the false, overly hyped reviews, it’s time to find the appropriate dentist for you!

How can you know that a dentist is ‘the one’ for you?

There are quite some ways by which can help you find the right doctor for your teeth.

  1. Book an online consultation call – Think twice before taking the effort to step out to book an appointment, wait for the doctor to arrive, then discuss your worries. 
  2. Instead, look for a virtual consultation. Research about dentists who consider this option. 
  3. Then, discuss in detail your query and notice the solutions suggested by the dentist. You have to make sure that the dentist resonates with you and suggests options suitable to your choices. A good dentist will always put their patient’s comfort first. 

To seal the deal with a dentist and to accept him as your family dentist, here are some important things to notice in the consultation call:

  1. Gender – There are times that the gender of a doctor matters to people because they find it easy to share their problems with the same gender. Hence, you can consider this as a parameter while choosing your dentist and how comfortable you are.
  2. Style of communication – It is also important that the dentist converses with you well and builds a rapport while treating you. It eases the process for the patient as well as the dentist. Further, it helps to communicate easily and the scare to go to a dentist wears off.
  3. Telehealth capabilities – It’s not convenient for everybody always to run to the dentist’s office, hence, ask if there are telehealth facilities available. To be elaborate, enquire if the dentist could be consulted via video calls, emails, or could be given a “virtual visit”. Taking into consideration today’s times, that would be a relevant way out in cases of minute emergencies or tiny doubts. 

There’s nothing wrong with choosing a ‘dentist near me’ however, the above parameters need to be looked at before considering them as your potential dentist.

To top it up, you can always research the dentist’s credentials, ask for referrals, consider their experience and then choose the one that suits your criteria. This is without a question a must-do.

Now, let’s once again brush through a few things to keep in mind while choosing a dentist.

  • When you search for a ‘Dentist near me’, always keep an eye on the reviews. Especially, when it boils down to fake reviews, notice the tone, check the profile and distinguish between poorly & well-crafted reviews.
  • Before finalizing a dentist, book a virtual call and attend to their communication styles, gender and enquire about their telehealth capabilities. With that, make sure the dentist looks out for your comfort. Besides, personalized research via referrals, credentials, and experience, do the above mentioned to be 100% sure.

Are you searching for the “best dentist near me”? What will you do differently now that you have more insight?