Don’t let discolored / stained teeth take the confidence out of your beautiful smile

Tooth stains or discolorations are of 3 basic types

Extrinsic Stains: Staining from outside of the teeth due to external factors like –

  • Coffee, tea, wine, colas, colored foodstuffs
  • Smoking and tobacco chewing
  • Plaque and tartar deposition.

Intrinsic Stains: When there is discoloration of the inner surface (dentin) of the tooth due to any of the following reasons-

  • Too much exposure to fluoride during early childhood.
    Use of tetracycline antibiotics by your
  • mother during the second half of pregnancy or
  • Use of tetracycline antibiotics in children who are 8 years old or younger.
  • Trauma that affected a tooth at a young age may lead to internal bleeding and hence discolor the tooth.
  • A rare genetic condition called dentinogenesis imperfect which causes gray, amber, or purple discolorations.
  • Fluorosis Stains Genetic stains Staining due to trauma

Age-Related Stains: This is a combination of extrinsic and intrinsic factors.

  • Dentin naturally yellows over time.
  • The enamel that covers the teeth gets thinner with age, which allows the dentin to show through.
  • Foods like tea, coffee, colored foodstuffs, tobacco, and smoking also can stain teeth as people get older.
  • Finally, chips or other injuries can discolor a tooth, especially when the pulp has been damaged.

You deserve a beautiful confident smile, don’t let discoloration or stained teeth take that away from you.

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I have been an Invisalign patient with Dr.Milind for the last 4 months.I always thought I would get my bottom teeth fixed "eventually" but never got around to it. My teeth are very tight and shreds dental floss, even the shred-proof kind. It was an annoyance, but not a big deal because most people don't look at your bottom teeth.However, I was starting to have some other problems, and found out that by straightening my teeth I could clean them more easily and prevent further problems down the road. I work long hours and have a very busy schedule, so the thought of braces just sounded too inconvenient, not to mention painful. Starting invisalign has allowed me to take care of my health while not interfering with my other responsibilities.


One of the best dental clinic..they gave me the perfect smile:)


I am very happy after completing my treatment with 32 smiles clinic... very nice and supportive all staff. Thanks to Dr Jyoti Dr Milind sir Dr amreen.😀


Satisfied with treatment. Nice coordination regarding appointment. With Best wishes. Regards.


I have had a very satisfying experience at 32 smiles over the last one and half years for my treatment with aligners. Extremely professional and friendly consultation with the support of good staff members makes the experience a pleasant one. The clinic is maintained well and the reception staff is very cordial. I am also quite satisfied with the aligners treatment under the guidance of Dr Darda who has been caring during the whole process (he is an industry expert) and the qualified associate doctors. Overall I would highly recommend 32 smiles for not only aligner treatment but also for any other dental procedures.


It's been 3yrs I started my journey for a beautiful smile with my son. I never dreamt that at the age of 45 I'll take this decision to smile with braces. But it was a right decision. I'm very happy as the doctors here at 32 Smiles are very cooperative. They helped withe the pain management whenever I complained. And also to mention Dr. Milind , he's very humble & a soft spoken person. I never felt him like a doctor.. I'll always recommend 32 Smiles.

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