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Working With Kids

There is a world of difference between adults and kids and so is their dental care.


Early detection and treatments can go a long way in keeping your child’s teeth healthy. We perform all the preventive, interception, and corrective treatments for children with smiles and care.


These include routine check-ups, treating decay, correcting irregular teeth, regular fluoride applications to prevent decay, and nutrition counselling.


Preventive Procedures During Childhood Fluoride Application: A child’s teeth are more prone to decay due to lack of proper dexterity of brushing and due to their dietary habits.


Pit And Fissure Sealants: Pit and fissure sealants is a preventive measure to seal the deep fissures of milk teeth and thereby prevent penetration of fermentable sugars and the bacteria which lead to tooth decay.


Root Canal Treatment In Milk Teeth: In cases where tooth decay extends deep into the nerve portion of the tooth it might be necessary to perform a root canal as described for the permanent tooth. It might still be considered as a better alternative to tooth extraction as saving a milk tooth will not only improve chewing but also Milk teeth serve as a space maintainer for the proper spacing and alignment of the future permanent teeth.


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The Oral Habits

Thumb or Finger Sucking: Finger and thumb sucking is common in infancy and early childhood and, in the majority of cases, is spontaneously discontinued by about 5 years of age. In a minority of cases, however, the habit may continue for several more years, even into adolescence and beyond. The habit may produce deformity both of the finger/thumb and the dental occlusion.


Tongue Thrusting: Tongue thrusting, abnormal tongue position, and deviation from the normal swallowing pattern, tongue thrust is normal in infants until approximately the age of six months. If a child suffers from tongue thrusting, this continuous pressure tends to force the teeth out of alignment. Many children who have tongue thrust lead to open bites, the force of the tongue against the teeth is an important factor in contributing to “bad bite” (malocclusion).


Mouth Breathing: Mouth breathing has been classified according to etiology into three groups: obstructive, habitual, and anatomic. The nasal airway may be compromised partially or completely obstructed. Such individuals may find it difficult or impossible to breathe through their noses alone. In about 85% of cases, mouth breathing is an adaptation to nasal obstruction.



Thumb Sucking, Tongue Thrusting, Mouth Breathing

Dr. Milind Darda emphasizes early orthodontic screening and treatment as Children can benefit enormously from an early phase of treatment, while they are growing actively during early growth spurts.

Things have changed over the past two decades, where going to the orthodontist probably wasn’t mentioned until you had all your permanent teeth (12 to 13 years).


When you finally went to the orthodontist you might have had teeth extracted because there was not enough room for all of them or there was a need to wear braces for a long period of time.


Treatment usually starts later but accurate timing is essential. This is possible only if the child is already under the expert’s care and observation.


Since girls mature earlier, treatment may start at the age of 8 to 10 years while a boy may be treated at 10 to 11 years of age or even later.



Special appliances can be used at this stage to influence the growth relationship of the jaws themselves. (This is not possible when all the permanent teeth have already erupted into the mouth).

Latest techniques and modern Orthodontic Appliances have made it even easier to treat younger patients, with safe and painless growth modifying appliances.

Prevention is better than cure.

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32 Smiles Launches ‘Dental Fitness Van’ to Promote Dental Health Awareness among Underprivileged Communities

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