Adult Orthodontic – it’s Our Specialty

Adult Orthodontic

With the latest advances and technologies, it is now possible to treat young children, young adults and older adults for orthodontic (braces) treatment, hence making it possible for them to enjoy good function and esthetics.

Most orthodontists have experienced an increase in the number of adult patients in the past few years. This has undoubtedly been due to increased experience with adult orthodontic treatment and the achievement of good results, increased public awareness of the possibilities of adult treatment.

We have treated about 2000 adult patients successfully with orthodontic treatment at our clinic.

Innovations in appliances and tooth-colored wires and brackets

Innovations in appliances – especially the advent of direct bonding, and less visible brackets and tooth-colored wires- have caught the attention of many adults who would not otherwise seek orthodontic treatment. The recent development is lingual orthodontics or invisible orthodontics, have further motivated them. There is always a misconception regarding treatment timing, but best braces can make treatment timing from six months to two years depending upon severity of problems. Age is a factor that should be taken into consideration, but results are usually gratifying even in patients of advanced age.

We are specialists in adult Orthodontics & have almost 60% patients of our total patient number as adult patients.More than 2000 adult patients happily underwent braces treatment with invisible new advance system of braces.

Implant Orthodontic

A newer technique in order to reduce treatment timing in adult patients. Here instead of molar teeth the bone is used as the anchor area with mini implant, which dramatically reduces friction between braces & wire and moves teeth at faster rate, thereby further reducing treatment time. We have treated a number of cases with this painless technique delivering best results.


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