Adult Orthodontics

Teeth Straightening For Adults Innovative Treatment All Age Groups Expert Dentists Innovations​ Innovations i...

Best Dentist For Your Kid

Are You Looking For The Best Dentist For Your Kid? At 32Smiles we ensure friendly, safe, and warm dental care for your kids We Love Working With Kids There...

Braces For Kids

All children should have an orthodontic screening by the age of 7 Tooth Extraction Broken/Chipped Teeth Bunny-Rabbit Tooth...

Cosmetic Gum Therapy

Experience Dental Treatment With Our Latest Technology Less or No pain Less or No Bleeding No Anaesthesia Anyone...

Cosmetic Treatment With Braces

Braces Treatment Can Be Successful At Any Age Smaller Less Visible More Comfortable Cosmetic Treatment With...

Crowns & Bridges

Perfecting a smile, Treating a worn set of teeth or Replacing a lost tooth we offer a wide variety of replacements for cracked, broken, severely decayed or root canal treated teeth. Crowns...

Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneer help to achieve shiny and white teeth in just one or max three visits Pain-Free Quick Any Age What...


Dentures We fabricate “removable” and “fixed” type of dentures according to the requirement of a patient Dentures are artificial teeth on a metal or acrylic base. The color of the acrylic matches...

Discolored / Stained Teeth

Don’t let discolored / stained teeth take the confidence out of your beautiful smile There are lots of ways to bring the shine back Tooth stains or discolorations are of 3 basic types Extrinsic S...

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Complete Teeth Make Over A team of doctors who are specialists in their field of work get together in giving you that perfect smile and function. When performed by knowledgeable clinicians...

Gum Therapy

Healthy gums are the foundation for strong and healthy teeth. Bleeding and inflamed gums leads to loose teeth and eventually to loss of teeth Gum care is as important as caring for the teeth since...


Replacing the lost tooth with a tooth-colored crown An implant looks, feels and functions just like a natural tooth An implant is an artificial replacement of the root of a natural tooth used to replace...

Infialign Braces

Nobody Would Notice You’re Having Your Teeth Straightened Pain-Free Invisible Removable Attractive Infialign r...


Are Invisalign braces the next best thing for teeth straightening? Pain-Free Invisible Removable Attractive...

Invisible Braces

Worried About Your Looks With Braces? 32Smiles Presents Invisible Braces INVISIBLE BRACES FOR THE AESTHETIC IN YOU Standard Ceramic Clear braces are made...


Transforming Smiles, Transforming Lives, Orthodontic Solutions at 32Smiles 🏆 Award-Winning Best Dentist ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2,741 votes on practo Introduction to 32Smiles Dental Clinic Welcome to 32Smiles ...

Power Braces

You don’t have to wear braces for 18-24 months 32Smiles Presents The Revolutionary 4-8 Month Smiles Treatment Have you considered orthodontics or teeth straightening treatment, but have been put o...

Root Canal

DO YOU THINK ROOT CANAL TREATMENT IS PAINFUL? Pain-Free Quick Root Canal Specialists Pain-Free People...

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth pain can be sharp, sudden, and shoot deep into the nerve endings of your teeth Triggered by hot, cold, sweet or sour foods and drinks, or even by breathing cold air What Causes Tooth...

Surgical Orthodontics

A More Beautiful, Healthier, And Happier You Surgical Orthodontics provide better oral health for thousands of adults and children with complex dental/facial problems Can Be Avoided? An...

Teeth Whitening

A Confident Beautiful Smile Will Enhance Your Life It is now possible to whiten your smile in just over an hour! Should I have my teeth whitened? Many people believe that teeth whitening can...

Tooth Colored Fillings

Cavities or A Chipped Tooth, we will fix and restore your smile A natural look and a confident beautiful smile Our MISSION At 32Smiles we believe that a confident beautiful smile is foundational...

Tooth Jewelry

Go bling, be a fashionista and flaunt your party spirit Tooth jewelry is the bling for your teeth It is simple, quick and painless and will make people turn heads as you flash your smile

Treatment For Jaw Joint And Clenching

Best Orthodontist Pune Say Goodbye to Jaw Pain with Pune’s Premier TMJ Specialists Expert Care for Your TMJ Disorder at 32Smiles Dental Clinic. 🏆 Award-Winning Best Dentist ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2,741 votes on practo ...

Wisdom Tooth Removal

WISDOM TOOTH REMOVAL Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain, swelling, infection or damage to the teeth next to them Wisdom teeth often cause no problems, they are described as impacted when there is...


Friendly Dental Clinics With Great Ambience

Whether it is the soft music, the state-of-the-art technology, or beautiful interior, we make sure you enjoy the experience each time you visit our clinics. Schedule an appointment or ask a question right away!


1321/1, Premium Point, Opp. Modern
Highschool, Near Titan Showroom,
J. M. Road, Shivaji Nagar,
Pune 411005 Monday to Saturday: 8.30 am. to 8.30 pm.

Koregaon Park

112, First Floor, Jewel Square,
Near Taj Blue Diamond,
Koregaon Park,
Pune 411001
Monday to Saturday: 9.30 am. to 8.30 pm.

Satara Road

Exclusive TMJ and Invisible braces clinic
691 / 9A,  near rao nursing home,

Vasant Baug, Maharshi Nagar,

Pune 411037
Monday to Saturday: 9.30 am. to 8.30 pm.

best dentists pune

We are a team of the best dentists in Pune, we are determined to give people a confident beautiful smile.

Our only question is, will it be yours?

Dental Fitness Van

32 Smiles Launches ‘Dental Fitness Van’ to Promote Dental Health Awareness among Underprivileged Communities

"Dental Fitness Van," a mobile clinic that is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment to offer quality dental treatment to those in need.

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