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Passive, Indirect smoking – Are we keeping our life at risk?

Passive smoking or second hand smoking could be as dangerous as direct smoking. Passive smoking is nothing but breathing in someone else’s smoke. It has been said that a person living or working in a place where smoking is permitted increases the non-smokers' risk of developing heart disease by 25–30% [...]

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Bruxism/Clenching of Teeth

People handle excess stress differently. Where some develop an ulcer, some high blood pressure, there are people who start to grind or clench their teeth. Stress, it’s now believed, is the major cause of grinding and clenching your teeth, says dental researchers. Clenching or Bruxism is a condition in which [...]

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32Smiles Testimonial of patient May 2013

Our patient talks about how he has become much more confident after his dental treatment, he is able to smile without hesitation and everything was done for him in the least amount of time. Spreading lots of smiles.

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Smile Time – Monthly NewsLetter May 2013

Wishing you all a very happy and smiling May 2013. The month of May is all about kids, the results are out and it’s time for vacation. They will be all around you and most of you must have planned outing with the family during the summer vacation. We, at [...]

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