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How many types of Invisible braces are there?

What if we told you that there are different types of invisible braces? The first option that pops up in our mind when we say ‘Invisible braces’ is Invisalign braces. They act as a shadow to your teeth and repair the dental damage without even you realizing it. These [...]

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Pregnancy Dental Care Tips

The most precious gift of motherhood is something that is an unparalleled happiness for anyone! But just as wonderful and fulfilling it is, this is also the time when a woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes in every way! And we know that it can be very overwhelming and crazy at [...]

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The Perfect Smile

We are all living in a world of social media. The pressure to look good is building around us day by day. Who doesn’t want that perfect Selfie or perfect DP. Your perfect smile makes your Selfie of DP even more appealing. But this perfect smile story has so many [...]

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How to teach best oral practices to children?

A child’s oral health is a cause of concern for most parents. It’s a situation that has given most parents sleepless nights and hefty bills at the dentists. Oral hygiene is not a habit that’s formed overnight. Most children would fight tooth and nail to get out of their bed [...]

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Happy 5th October!

India has a rich history in medicines byways of ayurveda and even allopathic medication! Dentistry also has a nurturing history with evidences dating back to 7000 BC and Indus Valley Civilization! The Indian Orthodontic Society (IOS) was established on 5th October 1965 by seven founding members, and this is the [...]

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Sensitive teeth — causes and remedies

Ever experienced a sharp, shooting pain in your teeth every time you bite into that ice cream cone or has the change in weather driving you crazy with tooth ache? What you are experiencing is acute tooth sensitivity. It’s a common dental problem. The sharp pain you experience is often [...]

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Root canal – what is it and why you need it?

Have you sweated bullets anytime your dentist has told you that you need a root canal? The very mention of that word is enough to put even the toughest person in a state of panic. However, root canal need not be as scary as it sounds. Let us know the [...]

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What is hairline tooth fracture?

You bite down; you feel a sharp, stinging pain. The moment you stop chewing or biting, the pain fades and you may choose to ignore it. Post this, you either start using only a particular side of your mouth or avoid foods and drinks of certain types or temperature. Does [...]

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Dental Implants

How many times have we lamented over a chipped tooth or spent sleepless nights over a painful lose tooth? Thanks to the advancement in the field of dental science, we needn’t endure this situation for long. ‘Dental implant’ is one such revolution which has made it possible to replace missing [...]

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Oral Cancer – Early signs and symptoms

The Big C or Cancer is one of the most dreaded words of the modern world. The fear, however, is not unfounded. As per the World Health Organization (WHO), it is the second largest cause of death all around the world. Of the many types of cancers, one of the [...]

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