When anybody hears the word “braces”, they believe that they’re in this process for the long run. They have already started preparing a list of not-to-dos. Visuals begin overflowing as to how sacrifices await their approval. The joys of eating their comfort foods, losing sleep, innumerable doctor’s visits, & God knows what else they have to say ‘goodbye’ to. That too for a particular amount of time. Dreadfully, they count days to the D-day when braces will be put on.

With a lot of worries, they reach the 32Smiles Clinic, that’s when the bubble bursts. Turns out Invisalign braces are different from the normal braces they had pictured them to be. There’s hope!

Let me take you through this…

When it comes to braces, it firstly depends on the condition of your teeth.

Are they crooked?

Or do they just need some aligning?

More the damage more is the investment. Of both; time & money and patience.

But worth it. It is as good as preparing for a competitive exam; you have to commit. So, that’s the kind of readiness with which one should go all in.

Now, your mind must be flooded with questions as to how this whole process works? Do not get overwhelmed. It’s easier than you thought!

Let’s run through it once & see how it works:

  • First and foremost, you have to consult an orthodontist if you wish to refine your smile.
  • Then, they will do the work and inform you about the condition of your teeth.
  • Based on that, aligners & the duration for aligners will be assigned to you.
  • Then, you wait for the braces to be made and to arrive.
  • Wear them for 20-22 hours every day for months assigned to you.
  • Wait for the magical outcome!

The first week or two can be tedious with settling in with the braces but it starts to ease. But because Invisalign has no wires or brackets, you can get on with your daily activities instantly.

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Primarily, after fixing the braces, for the first two weeks, the patient has to go for a follow-up. Later on, it slowly starts to move in the planned direction & starts aligning. There have been times where people have received results in just about 3-4months! Surprising, isn’t it?

Although in a normal stance, 12- 18 months are required for your teeth to be well-aligned and to get the desired outcome. The gaps you’re afraid of showing take about 24 months to recover (normally). If there are only a few modifications to be made, there’s not much hassle you’ll have to go through. The duration may seem a little too much but as soon as you put the braces on, they start doing their work. After about a week or two itself, little tweaks can be visible. This makes Invisalign braces effective and an efficient way of treating crooked, gapped, or any kind of teeth.

You can too have a polished smile with Invisalign braces in shorter durations with effective results!


Talking about results, let’s take a dive into what results do the braces bring about.

Post insertion of these braces, slowly, your teeth adjust to them and the issues you face with the teeth start to resolve. While this is happening, you can continue to enjoy your favorite snacks, sleep comfortably and face almost to no discomfort. Few months, a few doctor’s visits, and checkups later, you will find the perfect smile of yours you’ve been looking for. The difference that you see between your before and after teeth is unimaginable.

Normal braces are equally beneficial however, sometimes it may take longer to troubleshoot the error in your teeth. Also, putting on wired braces for a long time is a discomfort nobody asked for. Hence, with Invisalign braces, all your problems have a solid solution. Because when you see the results with your wide eyes open, you’ll know for what it was worth!

What are you waiting for? Get your dentist’s consultation booked now and troubleshoot!

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See How 32Smiles Can Get You A Confident Beautiful Smile

Braces | Aligners | Invisalign | Implants | Whitening | Root Canal Treatment