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Mouth breathing and its effects

How often do we see kids sleeping with open mouth, trying to breathe through mouth? Kids look really adorable doing that. Most of the parents think its fine if the kid is breathing through mouth because he/she has cold or they must be really tired playing around all day. It [...]

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Smile Time – Monthly NewsLetter Aug 2013

Dear friends, The entire team of 32Smiles went for a monsoon trek to Gordeshwar last week. It was a beautiful trek, a visual treat in nature as well as it made us all healthy and fit. Our this month's blog is about Smile Makeover. If your smile and looks are [...]

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Smile Makeover

After eyes your smile is the most prominent feature on your face. With unbelievable advancement in dentistry, you no longer have to settle for those stained, chipped, crooked smiles or a smile with missing teeth. Even the most minor changes in your smile can make a dramatic difference in the [...]

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