After eyes your smile is the most prominent feature on your face. With unbelievable advancement in dentistry, you no longer have to settle for those stained, chipped, crooked smiles or a smile with missing teeth.

Even the most minor changes in your smile can make a dramatic difference in the way you look and in your confidence. You now have many choices to help you get that perfect smile you had always dreamed of. Talk to us about your expectations and the options most suitable for you. We at 32Smiles use latest technology in dentistry to give you the best and most comfortable treatment.

Some options are:

Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) reverses most discolorations of enamel (tooth surface). The result is a dramatic white smile. There is no loss of natural tooth structure in this procedure. You can have teeth 2 to 5 shades whiter in single appointment. Whitening may be done completely in dental office or the dentist may dispense a system for you to use at home.

Laser Gum de-pigmentation you can now get rid of those dark colored gums and black spots on the gums to get those perfect pink gums. In this procedure the dark spots are removed to expose healthy pink gums. With the use of lasers this procedure is painless, without any bleeding and is carried out in minimal time.

Gum reshaping it is done in patients with irregular gum line or with a big band of gums covering teeth leaving small portion of teeth visible. In this procedure, with the help of lasers the gums are reshaped exposing the surface of tooth for an even gum line. With the use of lasers this procedure is painless, with minimal bleeding and can be done in single appointment.

Tooth colored fillings Gone are the days of having silver fillings done on your teeth. Now the fillings are done with a material known as composite resin. It has high strength and is highly durable and it gives the effect of natural tooth thus adding to the aesthetics of your smile. It can also be used to improve the appearance of teeth that are chipped, crooked broken, stained, decayed, or have spaces between them.

Tooth reshaping it involves modifying the shape of tooth minimally to improve its appearance. This procedure is extremely comfortable, painless and the results can be seen immediately.

Laminates and veneers are thin custom made shells designed to cover front side of teeth. They are made of tooth colored porcelain material, which has high strength, is completely compatible with the gums and needs minimal preparation of tooth. They are used to treat spaces between teeth, crooked, permanently stained, poorly shaped or worn teeth.

Braces they are not just for kids. Patients can get their smile corrected with the help of braces even at the age of 45yrs depending on the condition of bone and teeth. Now with the help of ceramic braces, lingually placed braces and invisible braces adults can get their crooked smile corrected without feeling embarrassed about the steel brackets on their teeth.