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Top 7 Foods and Drinks that are bad for your teeth

If ‘you are what you eat’ is true, that's particularly true for your teeth and gums. When it comes to dental health, what people eat and drink - and how they consume it - has a powerful impact on their teeth. And on the list of good and bad foods, [...]

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Do Your Gums Bleed While Brushing

It is but natural to be worried if you see blood in your spit, or early morning while brushing. Your mind is worried the entire day there after thinking for reasons. When you think about dental health, your focus is likely to be on preventing cavities in your teeth. But [...]

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Smile Time – Monthly NewsLetter Feb 2014

Dear Friends, Last month, we have covered a detailed article on Flouride Treatment. We are planning a series of useful dental care videos and blogs specially for our readers. Look out for those in the upcoming Facebook posts as well as our website Wish you a great February ahead! [...]

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