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Do u have missing teeth? – The consequences

My back tooth was extracted due to decay and pain, when I was growing up…..Is it important to replace this tooth? How does it affect, after all it is just one back tooth not even visible during speech... Let’s talk about it in detail – Here is a list of [...]

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Smile Time – Feb 2015

32Smiles - Smile Time Dear friends, Wishing you most and more. February is the month when we show how much we care about our loved ones. One of the best ways to show your affection is to SMILE – all you need is a great, sparkling set of teeth. However, [...]

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Smile Make Over With Invisible Braces

Do you want to straighten your teeth without the metal braces showing? Are you worried about the metallic smile while going through the braces (orthodontic) treatment? Here’s a solution to your problem….. SMILE MAKE OVER WITH INVISIBLE BRACES "COMFORTABLE, REMOVABLE AND VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE" - 3 THINGS THAT NORMAL BRACES ARE [...]

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