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Smile Make Over With Invisible Braces

Do you want to straighten your teeth without the metal braces showing?
Are you worried about the metallic smile while going through the braces (orthodontic) treatment?
Here’s a solution to your problem…..




The Invisible Braces technique takes a modern approach towards straightening teeth, using a custom-made series of aligners created especially for you. These aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible plastic that you wear over your teeth.
There are neither any metal brackets to attach or any wires to tighten.


Wearing aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into right place, based on the exact movements that we plan out for you. Just pop in a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks, until your treatment is complete.

You’ll achieve a great smile with little interference in your daily life. The best part about the whole process is that most people won’t even know you’re straightening your teeth.

Clear aligners (Invisalign/clear path) mean you can keep your appearance attractive.
Other people will hardly notice you are wearing a splint, because the CLEAR ALIGNER splint is transparent and smooth, without any screws or brackets. Even during the treatment, you will be able to talk and laugh without impediment because the transparent material means that the CLEAR ALIGNER splint is barely visible.

Pleasantly smooth and comfortable
The Invisalign splint guarantees you a good, almost familiar feeling to your mouth. When you wear it, you will notice how pleasantly smooth and comfortable it is because it does not need screws or wires. When eating or cleaning your teeth or splint, you can simply take it out – quick and easy, whenever you like.

The CLEAR ALIGNER splint is clear and transparent; almost invisible You can talk and laugh without restrictions or impediment.

The high-quality splint makes your mouth feel good. It is pleasantly smooth, with no screws or wires.

You can take the splint out at any time and put it in again quickly and easily, e.g. when eating or cleaning.

You can easily keep the CLEAR ALIGNER splint clean, e.g. using toothpaste and toothbrush. We also recommend the use of CETRON® cleaning powder.

The splint treatment achieves optimal and accurate results in a short period of time.

Case Selection
As invisible braces can be put only in selected cases. it is necessary to have an appropriate discussion and investigations with your orthodontist prior to using invisible braces as a treatment option.

– Dr. Priyanka Jain Mehta, 32Smiles Dental Clinic Pune

Our patient will tell you what a typical day is like for her with invisible braces,
from meals and activities to maintaining good oral hygiene.

See How 32Smiles Can Get You A Confident Beautiful Smile

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