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How many types of Invisible braces are there?

What if we told you that there are different types of invisible braces?

The first option that pops up in our mind when we say ‘Invisible braces’ is Invisalign braces. They act as a shadow to your teeth and repair the dental damage without even you realizing it. These braces are brackets made out of thermoplastic that can be removed while eating. They repair the teeth with ease and don’t even cause damage or pain to your gums or teeth. In the earlier articles, we have learned about its benefits and how it proves to be the ultimate dental care option.

However, in this article, we are going to break down 3 different types of Invisible Braces, their pros & cons and enlighten you more about braces as a concept.

Here are the most common Invisible braces & their pros & cons:

1. Ceramic brackets

The first type of almost Invisible Braces is Ceramic brackets. These braces have tooth-colored brackets attached to the brackets that hold your teeth together. These braces cannot be noticed easily and stay intact to the surface of the teeth. They’ve proven effective to many patients as they solve the technical damage without making people feel conscious about themselves.

Let’s tally the pros and cons of ceramic brackets to get to know these braces better.


  • Easy on the pocket

Though ceramic brackets are an advanced version of metal braces, they stand cost-effective. The cost stays mid-range which doesn’t crack a hole in the pocket. This option is suitable for every patient that believes in investing in their well-being.

  • Little to no pain

The scare for the word “braces” goes for a ride here because these ceramic brackets are specially made to save you from the screaming pain caused due to braces. Since they’re attached with colored wires and rubber bands, they don’t cause frightening discomfort like that of the metal braces. These can be called “an enhanced version of the metal braces”

  • Durable & effective

To talk a little about the results that these braces bring you, there are not many things to worry about. They’re your long-term mate as they stay in a good condition up until the treatment is done. With that, the results they provide are similar as promised by the orthodontist.

These braces are the second most chosen by patients when it comes to picking from the options of invisible braces.


  • The stains

One of the many reasons why people don’t choose ceramic brackets sometimes is because they can attract a lot of stains. Because you continue to put these on for a long-time, they end up catching stains from the foods you eat and those stains stay there in turn leaving behind stains on your teeth.

Only adult-friendly
Yes, it is unfortunate that ceramic braces aren’t for children. Therefore, even if you find them to be the most suitable option for your child’s teeth-straightening, it may not be the one. You need to select another option.

  • Brace removal

Imagine your treatments done. It’s finally time to remove your braces but ouch! It hurts a lot. What you just read is true. The removal of ceramic brackets can be an unpleasant experience for the patients. Alongside pain, comes another difficulty that of the tiny parts getting chipped and staying behind on the teeth. That can be a little challenging to handle.

These were some plus and minuses that ceramic braces behold.

2. Invisalign Braces

The newest option gaining popularity in the family of the Invisible braces is the Invisalign Braces, also known as Clear Aligners. They have gone on to become famous in the group of teenagers and youngsters because of their flexible nature. It takes only a 3D scan of your teeth to determine the shape of your aligners. Then, they’re sent in to be customized according to the patient’s measurements. This completely invisible tray of aligners can be removed according to will but must stay intact for 20-22 hours to work its magic. Invisalign Braces prove to be successful in solving dental imperfections without causing major damages to the gums or teeth.

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  • Completely invisible

One of the best qualities about Clear Aligners is that they’re completely invisible. Made with the usage of thermoplastic, these aligners act as a transparent shield for the teeth to straighten them. It also helps people, especially teenagers, to wear them without apprehension. Its completely invisible look helps them feel confident in public and they’re not reminded of their crooked teeth. This instills confidence in them and saves them from the hassle of complicated braces procedures; visiting periods to the clinic, complicated installation process, and post-installation struggles like not being able to eat. Invisalign solves it all for you.

  • Wear at convenience

The next best thing about these aligners is that they can be removed while eating, sleeping, and brushing and can be put back on at your wish. However, that is possible given the fact that you wear them 20 hours a day. It allows you freedom and saves you the pain while eating food with braces on.


  • Discipline is the answer

When we get so much freedom, staying disciplined to put on those braces can be a task. In the beginning, we may take time to adjust to the braces and can slack off on wearing them. Because at the back of your mind, you may think that your teeth get straightened even if you don’t put them on for a few hours. That can slowly lead to not being particular with wearing them and can cause side effects like overcrowding of teeth.

  • Slow progress

Lack of discipline can lead to slow progress in teeth-straightening and can further lead to extra dentist visits. Here, one action can lead to another. Therefore, it’s necessary to stay disciplined in order to get faster results.

3. Inside/Lingual braces-

The Inside or the Lingual braces are literally the invisible braces as they’re placed on the inside of the teeth and are connected by a wire. They, too, are made by taking a 3D scan of the mouth and sent to mould according to the measurements. These braces are often chosen by teenagers


  • Lingual braces stay intact-

With lingual braces, you are sure to keep them intact on your teeth. There’s no constant sense of responsibility to remove them, put them back on, and most importantly, there is no fear of losing them.

  • Can help with complex problems-

Being connected by a wire, these braces have a strong body structure and therefore, are capable of dealing with complex teeth problems like overcrowding. These are as effective as metal braces only that, they are placed on the inside.


  • Lisping-

One of the minus points here can be the lisping. Here, the braces are placed on the inside therefore, they can disrupt the way you talk and can lead to lisping. As they take up excessive space on the inside of the mouth, lisping while wearing Lingual braces becomes normal.

  • Impropriety in Hygiene-

Brushing teeth and cleaning them can be a task with these braces and can lead to improper hygiene. As we know hygiene is important when it comes to our mouth, therefore it is necessary to consider this factor. Lingual braces do not come in handy here as the metal covers up the inner side of the mouth, it can be difficult to clean that up and can lead to different dental issues.

These were some different types of invisible braces and their pros and cons. However, it is important to understand that different kinds of braces suit different people. Therefore, a piece of expert advice can always help you find out which braces suit you the best. That is why our team is here to help you with that. Our clinic always has experts at your service.

In case you have issues figuring out which invisible braces to wear or if you are facing any dental damage contact us now!

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