Wishing you all a very happy and smiling March 2013. Last month, we did a camp of free dental treatment and dental fitness checkup for mentally challenged kids at Dhayri, Sinhagad Road. It was a heart touching experience for our team. We have posted a few photographs of the camp on our Facebook Wall.

Our February blog article is about the relationship between Pregnancy and Oral Health Care. “You lose a tooth for a child”. This is a saying that most of us would have heard. And that’s what we explain in the article. Whether it is true or not. And everything that you need to know about oral health care while you or your family member is pregnant. So do read the article and leave your comments to help us improve this initiative and spread healthy smiles.

– Dr. Milind Darda, 32 Smiles.

The relationship between pregnancy and oral health

We all have heard about the old saying “you lose a tooth for every child”. What do you think? Is it true or false, do you really believe that you might lose a tooth for every child? Well this old saying might be true, if proper care is not taken of your oral health during pregnancy. Your mouth is the ‘mahadvaar’ of your body. Whatever enters your body from here gets absorbed by your body and affects your overall health, at the same time it also affects the baby’s health of an expecting mother. Hence your oral health affects and reflects your general health as well as your child’s.
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Thumb sucking – should we stop it or neglect it?

Whenever parents see their babies sucking on their thumb they find it really cute and adorable, but when the same thing is seen in grown up kids you will find parents pulling out their hair, trying everything possible to stop it. Read more…

Age – 19
Complaint: Irregular anterior teeth and bucked out canine.
Treatment: Orthodontic treatment carried out to improve smile and esthetic of her

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