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Our last month’s educational blog post was about the effects of Mouth Breathing. This month we have written about “How to Stop Mouth Breathing?” I am sure that you will find it very useful and it will help you to take precautions incase you are suffering from Mouth Breathing.

Last month, we had organised a lecture at the 32 Smiles premises by Dr. Pallavi Patil from 3M, where she spoke about the recent advancements in composite restoration. You can visit our Facebook Page to see the photos of that event.

We are in the process of continously bringing more and more useful blog posts on our website and educational series on our Facebook Page. So, do keep in touch.

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– Dr. Milind Darda, 32 Smiles.

How to stop Mouth Breathing?
A kid’s habit of breathing through mouth is often ignored. Most of the parents take it lightly, but chronic mouth breathing can have severe effects on facial development and overall health of the kid. In our previous article Mouth Breathing and its effects we have already discussed about the causes and effects of mouth breathing in detail.
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Mouth breathing and its effects
How often do we see kids sleeping with open mouth, trying to breathe through mouth? Kids look really adorable doing that. Most of the parents think its fine if the kid is breathing through mouth because he/she has cold or they must be really tired playing around all day.
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Age – 15 year
Complaint: 15 year old girl reported with compliant of severely irregular upper and lower front teeth.
Treatment: Orthodontic treatment carried out to improve alignment and Aesthetic of patients

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