As age passes, there are greater chances of being prone to multiple diseases. Moreover, there is no exceptional case for oral hygiene too. A multitude of concerns may originate as your teeth become older and face a kind of wear and tear. Lifetime process of chewing, gnashing and grinding results in the aging of both teeth and gums too. Considering your medical conditions and age, your oral health may also deteriorate facing many age-related dental problems.

Here, we are going to discuss the top three age-related dental problems and ways to deal with them,

  1. Xerostomia

The term Xerostomia can be well defined as dry mouth condition because of absence or decreased saliva production among the elderly people. It is not actually a disease but leads to various other symptoms resulting in numerous medical conditions. Due to Xerostomia, one can experience their gums getting thinner and finally result in receding gums. This, in turn, will increase the plausibility of cavities. Some medical experts even state that Xerostomia can also become responsible for making the esophagus more liable to injury.

Ways to Deal:

  • Make the habit of chewing sugar-free gum to trigger the production of saliva.
  • Try limiting the intake of Caffeine, since it could worsen the condition.
  • Ignore tobacco and alcohol consumption in any
  • Drink water frequently and keep your mouth hydrated always.
  1. Periodontal Diseases

Probably, all ages of people suffer from chronic bacterial dental infection these days. However, is quite prevalent in aged people. The condition starts with the occurrence of gingivitis by making your gums red and swollen along with promoting the formation of plaques. In addition, if this stage is left untreated, it may progress to the contingency of periodontal issues. Apart from this, the state of the periodontal condition may lead to other serious health ailments in older people. Not directly related, but can prompt the state of cardiovascular and diabetic complication.

Ways to Deal:

  • You can periodically clean your teeth by root planning and scaling processes.
  • Medication prescribed by the professionals may help to an extent.
  • Dentists may also recommend surgeries like bone & tissue grafts and flap surgery for the treatment of the specific stage of periodontal disease of the individual.
  1. Root Decay

When people get older, they tend to be more vulnerable to get recession of gums. Ultimately, the recession progresses to diminish the enamel on the teeth and leads to the exposure of the roots to decay, one after the other. Because of this condition, there becomes a need to extract the tooth. Tooth loss due to root decay is the most common problem among the people aged more than 60 years.

Ways to Deal:

  • To treat root decay, one can make use of Fluoride Gel Toothpaste for regular usage.
  • Oil Pulling Technique is very much helpful in relieving the condition.
  • The individual should not consume sugary products and should intake Vitamin D in plenty.
  • For a more advanced stage, there are possible treatments available for treating the condition of root decay like root canal treatment, filling, Crowning, etc.


As a whole, for various ages of people, there are different oral concerns and there is a need to treat them accordingly. The best way to stay away from most of the dental problems is brushing properly, daily flossing and visiting for regular dental check-ups.


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