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How to tell if your child is pretend brushing

Kids need to learn to clean their teeth because oral hygiene is extremely important to avoid tooth decay from a very early age. They follow the brushing routine when the parents force them to do so. But many kids are found to indulge in pretend brushing. The children are found [...]

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Enamel-Friendly Foods for your Teeth

There are certain foods, which can help in making the enamel of your teeth brawny. Apart from the process of brushing and flossing, foods comprising of calcium and phosphorus can build stronger enamel for your teeth. To promote better oral health, you need to intake specific foods that do not [...]

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Avoid Oral Health Care Hazards During The Holidays

Holidays are the best time of your life but they may play havoc to your oral health. During holidays, sweet food is the major ingredient of the parties and leisure time. The holiday stress becomes the reason for neglected oral health. So, how can you abate the germs affecting your [...]

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