Holidays are the best time of your life but they may play havoc to your oral health. During holidays, sweet food is the major ingredient of the parties and leisure time. The holiday stress becomes the reason for neglected oral health.

So, how can you abate the germs affecting your teeth without reducing the holiday cheer?

There are some safe ways which will keep the teeth look white and healthy. If a person determines to follow these measures, the dentists assure that germ-free teeth and pearly white smile is not very far. Avoiding certain bad habits will reduce the stress which will improve oral health as well as mental health.

Let us have a look at the possible oral health care hazards during the holidays:

1. The Sugar Intake

The holiday season is time for extra fun and extra foods, like candies, colas, ice-creams, and pastries. These cause tooth decay and cavities including toothache and sensitivity. They are dangerous for oral health as well as physical health. Why add pounds of weight in holidays? So, curb the sugar intake and replace it with the fresh fruits to keep the sugar cravings at bay.

2. Outdoor Sports

The holidays are the best time to play your favorite sports. The time is right for games like hockey, skating, skiing, and cycling. But these sports involve bats, balls, and sticks or person-to-person contact. They are dangerous as they cause tooth injuries. So, the player is required to wear mouth guards and helmets to safeguard against teeth from breakage.

3. Hard Candies and Ice

The candy canes of holiday festivities become longer and harder so, the tooth damage also increases manifold. The chewing of hard candies and ice should be avoided for protecting teeth from injury. They may happen to be an oral accident for your happy holidays.

4.  Nail Biting

Is nail biting unhealthy for teeth? Yes, nail-biting may result in erosion and cracks on the front teeth. The nail biters develop tiny cracks on their front teeth due to fractured enamel. The teeth are affected by chewing hard objects which will deform the beauty of the pearly whites.

After knowing all the reasons which make your teeth unhealthy, let us swiftly read the tips which will help you to take care of your oral hygiene:

  • Keep a check on sugar foods which are consumed without a second thought. The desserts should be avoided at times and healthy food choices should be taken into consideration. The foods like green leafy vegetables, oranges, cheese, and raisins keep the teeth white. So, they must be consumed in ample amounts.
  • Keep the stress levels low by exercising and spending time with family and friends. Good mental health will improve oral health as well.
  • Get your regular dental check-ups done. It is good to see a dentist for small oral problems. This will prevent the risk of developing severe gum problems.
  • Imbibe the habit of relaxing face and jaw muscles multiple times a day.
  • Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing the teeth regularly.

If you keep your teeth and gums healthy this holiday season, the joy will be unending.