There are certain foods, which can help in making the enamel of your teeth brawny. Apart from the process of brushing and flossing, foods comprising of calcium and phosphorus can build stronger enamel for your teeth. To promote better oral health, you need to intake specific foods that do not trigger the growth of plaques on your teeth. Plaques have the tendency to generate an acid-like substance that can literally damage the tooth enamel and may invite dental related issues like periodontal or gum diseases.

Following is the listicle of such food items that can retard the growth of plaques and maintain good oral health. They are Enamel-Friendly Foods for your Teeth,

  1. Crunchy Fruits and Veggies

Hard to chew foods such as apples, cucumbers and carrots serve as a cleanser for teeth. While you chew these foods, they will clear off the plaque and its residues away from your teeth surface. All those damage-causing bacteria are flushed away from your teeth.

  1. Black Tea

Black tea is not only best for your tummy, but it also carries the goodness of maintaining your oral hygiene. Tea contains a compound called polyphenols that stays responsible for the retarded growth of bacteria causing gum diseases and cavities. Hence, rinse your mouth with black tea for a minute, and you will be clearing of all the plaques and bacteria from your mouth.

  1. Consume Vitamin-rich Foods

Calcium-rich foods such as almonds, broccoli, oranges, and leafy vegetables along with eggs, fish, and meat are evenly good for your teeth. These foods help in re-depositing the lost minerals into the lesions of your teeth. Ultimately, they do well for maintaining your teeth enamel strong and in fine fettle.

  1. Cheese

They are good at lowering the acid levels in your mouth. Cheese has the tendency to neutralize the plaque acid by dropping the pH level in each of its intakes.

  1. Sugar-Free Gums

Making the habit of chewing a gum stick after every meal will help in washing off the bacteria produced in the mouth. This action will boost the saliva secretion and ultimately, clean your mouth. As they are sugar-free, they do no trigger the growth of disease-causing bacteria.

  1. Milk

Drinking a glass of milk will help a lot in lowering the acid production in your mouth compared to any of the fruit juices. Whenever you have plenty of sweets or chocolates, it is a good habit to drink a glass of hot milk without any sweeteners, to neutralize the acid produced by the bacteria.

  1. Cranberries

This fruit contains polyphenols similar to tea, which is ultimately good for the retardation of the production of disease-causing bacteria. However, for its natural sweetness, many people avoid taking it.

  1. Raisins

These tiny little sweet busters do not contain sucrose, which is again helpful in not building the bacteria on the teeth. As a result, there will be no chances of plaque production and keeps your teeth hale and healthy.


Getting rid of the sugar intakes and clearing off the unwanted materials from the mouth, will widely help in maintaining good oral hygiene. You need to follow the routine of consuming the above-stated foods that are literally enamel-friendly. This regime will definitely promote your oral health and improve your quality of life.