Food habits of a child have been the biggest concern of every mother. Kids always enjoy snacking at intervals compared to boring meals prepared by their mothers. Hence, the best would be to give them the most nutritious snack in the tastiest way ever which will not only satisfy their appetite but will also provide them with all the nutrition’s required for their growth. These are the top 10 food stuff every mother should incorporate to give their kids mouth-watering meals which will leave them wanting more. These meals at the same time will satisfy their growing body needs.

Filled with Vitamins, Calcium and Fibre, a bowl of these whole wheat cereal with milk and a fruit of your choice proves to be the most powerful way to begins your child’s day.Different shapes and flavours are easily available in the market choose your child’s favourite and see him easily enjoying it every morning.

The protein in this kid friendly snack keep energy levels high and is quite famous mong children.combine this in the best way your child likes it in sandwhiches,parathas or plain. Your kids will keep asking for more and will be happier to have it in different ways.

Kids enjoy these delicious sippable treats which are filled with nutrients. Use fruits rich in vitamin and fibres and mix it various other fruits and see the way your child enjoys these drinks and keeps asking for more and more.

High source of calcium an amazing treat for kids.Mix it with various fruits or granolas available. They are readily available in the market in different flavours pick the ones your child enjoys most.

One egg provides a 4-year-old with almost one-third of her protein requirements for the day. This surely proves eggs to be highly nutritious source of meal for the kids and can be given in various forms such as hard boil, scramble or different styles the way your kids it the most. Mixing it with various veggies will add to the flavour the taste and the palate of your kid.

Fruits have a lot of vitamins and mineals that help the kids grow in the right proportion.they also help in the cleansing of the kids body. Fruits can be given as fruit salad or can be made with pancakes or added as toppings with your kids favourite meal.it is necessary for each kid to have at least one fruit a day to maintain his health appropriately.

Nuts have high fibre value to them. Hence we should add these nuts like raisins almonds walnuts etc in our child’s meals or give them a few jus to snack it up. This will help build their intelligence and also when mixed with their favourite food stuff they will ask for more and more.

Vegetables provide the highest source of minerals and proteins to kids. These should be incorporated in various innovative ways like salad or along with pasta or rice so that kids benefit from these with utmost pleasure and will be happy to have it again and again.Leafy veggies are a must add to every child’s food as it provides the kids with a lot of nourishment which is very important in their growing years.


Dr. Nishreen Kachwalla
Associate Dentist
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