You may be overlooking some bad habits that could severely affect your oral health. Some of these dental health “don’ts” can do immediate damage to your teeth by breaking or cracking them, while others may add-up over time, harming your oral health in the longer run.

Some bad habits that affect oral health are explained in brief below:

Smoking (cigar, pipe, cigarettes) leads to oral health problems such as:

Bad breath
Discolouration of teeth
Loss of bone within the jaw
Increased risk of developing oral cancer
Delay in healing process following any oral surgery


Smokeless tobacco such as snuffs and chewing tobacco contains 28 chemicals which cause the following:
Increased risk of oral cancer
Receding gum tissues from teeth
Increased risk of tooth decay

The negative effects that alcohol can have on your oral health are:
Tooth decay
Gum deterioration
Early tooth loss

Brushing too hard causes more harm than good. The ill effects are:

Wear down of enamel
Irritation in gums
Sensitive teeth

Children (especially after 5-6 years of age) suck their thumb after their permanent teeth start to grow and this may lead to:

Misalignment of teeth
Upper teeth to flare out or tip forward
Lower teeth to move inward

Sometimes frequent stress increases frequency of teeth grinding which may lead to:

Loss of enamel
Micro-fracture of tooth
Loss of facial height
Sensitive teeth

Many people use their teeth to open a sachet of ketchup, break off price tags or unscrew bottle taps. This may lead to:

Breaking of teeth
Weakening or damage of enamel
Susceptible decay of the teeth

Habit of nail biting leads to severe damage in your teeth. Its effects are:

Displacement of teeth
Breaking of teeth
Damages enamel

So, the biggest question is how to quit these bad habits?
Following the steps mentioned below may help:
First of all, admit that you have a bad habit and to break that habit is vital
Talk to your dentist about developing a strategy to quit
Incorporate some of the oral exercises into your weekly routine
Follow proper brushing techniques
Eat more fruits and vegetables