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Wishing you a very Happy Dassera, which symbolize victory of “Good over evil” should bring lots of happiness and prosperity in your life.

Last month, I had the opportunity to attend 3 conferences at Delhi, Mumbai and Noida. It was a wonderful learning curve and memorable experience to attend these conferences. We’ve shared some pictures of the conferences on Facebook. We have written a blog on “Bad habits affecting oral health”. In day to day life, we overlook some bad habits that can severely affect our oral health. This blog talks about how to avoid such habits and keep your teeth healthy.

The festival of Lights and Sweets is coming. Wishing you all a Safe and Happy Diwali in advance.

– Dr. Milind Darda, 32Smiles.

Bad habits affecting oral health
You may be overlooking some bad habits that could severely affect your oral health. Some of these dental health “don’ts” can do immediate damage to your teeth by breaking or cracking them, while others may add-up over time, harming your oral health in the longer run. Some bad habits that affect oral health are explained in brief below:
SMOKING Smoking (cigar, pipe, cigarettes) leads to oral health problems such as: Read more…

Get a Brighter Smile with Teeth Whitening
Yes! You read it right. A brighter smile is a dental visit away. In the last blog we discussed about Natural ways of teeth whitening. Hope you liked it and applied it. This time let’s see how your dentist will help you to get a brighter smile. However, before exploring other approaches lets revise the need to whiten your smile. However, before exploring other approaches lets revise the need to whiten your smile
Read more…

Age – 15 Years

Complaint: 15 year young female patient complained of irregular anterior teeth and was unhappy with smile.

Treatment: Braces treatment carried to correct teeth protrusion and spacings. And create a beautiful smile.

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