pasteChoosing the right toothpaste is as important as brushing your teeth daily. With so many brands available in the market, it is most of the times confusing to select the right kind of tooth paste. Here are some tips that will surely help you chose the right toothpaste for you and your family.

Choose any one from the below according to your need

1. UNIVERSAL TOOTHPASTES (tartar and plaque control)-
This type of toothpaste makes up over 90% of toothpaste sales and the biggest benefit is that it fights against cavities. The one thing that you should always look for in any toothpaste is that it should contain fluoride. (Stannous fluoride, Sodium fluoride or mono fluoride phosphate)
Note- Fluoride content should not exceed 1000ppm-1500ppm

2. TOOTHPASTES FOR CHILDREN – Toothpaste for kids usually has either no fluoride or much less fluoride than adult toothpaste. The reason for that is to ensure that the child doesn’t ingest too much fluoride which could cause fluorosis. This type of toothpaste also has fewer abrasives that are present in adult toothpaste.

Note- Children under 3 years of age should not use a toothpaste containing fluoride

3. WHITENING TOOTHPASTES – Although not as effective as professional whitening, these toothpastes have abrasives which help to remove surface stains on teeth. Therefore it is important to note that these toothpastes do not change the color of the teeth like bleaching does. These toothpastes contain hydrogen peroxide and/or baking soda which are abrasives and might be harmful for the enamel of the teeth.
Note- Whitening toothpastes should be used only after consultation with a dentist.

4. TOOTHPASTES FOR SENSITIVE TEETH – This toothpaste is great for people who feel discomfort when eating or drinking hot/cold things. Choose toothpaste that has desensitizing ingredients like stannous fluoride, strontium chloride or Potassium nitrate. There are some more tooth pastes with advanced de sensitizing agents available recently.
Note- Proper instructions for using a sensitive toothpaste have to be followed

This toothpaste is a natural alternative to toothpastes and provides a gentler experience. They are fully biodegradable and contain only natural ingredients. Most of them still contain some fluoride to protect the teeth from decay. There are ones available without any fluoride – however, most dentists do not recommend them as they do not effectively protect teeth. But patients with known allergy to any toothpaste ingredient can use this safely.



Always buy a toothpaste which is IDA (Indian Dental association) approved or ADA (American Dental Association) approved

CONSULT A DENTIST – Severe problems such as extreme sensitivity, gum problems and toothpaste ingredient allergy should be addressed to the dentist and toothpaste should be chosen accordingly.

Thank You
~ Dr. Priyanka Jain Mehta, Associate Dentist, 32 Smiles
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