Why your cracked tooth needs a crown and not a filling?

In order to reshape your tooth to its normal size and position, it is important that you get a crown attached over it. A crown is a cap-like structure that fits over the tooth and then serves as a normal tooth. This can be of the permanent or temporary type, depending on the requirement.

In case of a cracked tooth, it is better if you get a crown installed over it than getting it filled with a dental filling material. The reason behind this is quite simple. The filling does not necessarily stay forever; however, a permanent crown does.


The necessity of repairing a cracked tooth

Replacing the missing tooth to give you a more pleasing look and confidence to smile more often. Filling tooth gap and providing a replacement for missing teeth, restores your smile in a way that they look almost natural. Dental bridging and crowning help to achieve the desired look. Cosmetic dentists are the ones who provide a perfect and easy restoration that shows in when you smile.

The main aim here is to give you a flawless appearance in the easiest and possible way. They examine closely and do an x-ray to get the idea of your treatment and needs. They give you a natural looking reconstructed mouth with a perfect sparkling smile.


The requirement of a Crown

  • Crowning a tooth not only functions like a natural tooth but also works in the same way. It improves your smile and provides your face a better structure.
  • Replacing your missing tooth with artificial one by using methods such as crowning and bridging fixes your teeth permanently.
  • Dentists repair a tooth, fill cavities, prevent tooth decay and tooth loss, treat gum problem and fractured teeth.


It is important to get advice about such procedures from a dental practitioner because they provide advice and consultancy related to taking care of your teeth, gums and diet instruction that affects your overall oral health as well.


The major difference between Crowning and Filing of a cracked tooth

Crowning does not involve the removal of any part of the tooth because the cap just fits over the tooth. In case your tooth gets cracked, there is no requirement of removing anything because it isn’t a cavity, it is a crack which is why crowning it, is the best option to go with.

Filing means filing a gap or a cavity with a material that is suitable for the mouth as well as the jaws.


In simple language, crowning is a type of fixation and filing is a treatment.


In either case, it is important that you get checked by a dentist first because they examine, diagnose and treat your teeth accordingly. They take X-rays before performing further actions on your cracked tooth. They treat cracked or broken teeth and gum related diseases with methods such as cleaning teeth, crown, denture, tooth extraction only after they get a complete report of the problem that the patient has.


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