Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment is very common in today’s time. Right from celebrities to the most common man next door, almost every second person you know has sometimes been through Orthodontic treatment.

We also know that sometimes these alien wires attached to your teeth make you quite uncomfortable, sometimes there are those unwanted blisters and other times you might just hate the feeling all together. So here are a few quick do’s and don’ts!


  1. Maintain hygiene: Brush your teeth regularly! Doctors suggest cleaning your teeth with special orthodontic brushes; you can also use floss! Mouth wash is highly recommended for maintaining overall mouth hygiene!
  2. Follow your doctor’s instructions closely and inform him of any discomfort that you may experience without any deals
  3. If you are told to wear elastic bands, Please wear it for the prescribed hours
  4. Do avoid edibles that can harm the shape of your braces. Orthodontic treatment largely depends upon the shape of the brackets. Thus harming the shape of your braces can lead to either extended treatment or unwanted results!
  5. Do clean your braces. It would be great if you can do that after every meal or snack.


  1. Appointments: Please don’t skip your doctor’s appointments. Orthodontic treatment runs on regular visits and supervision by the doctor
  2. Discomfort: Don’t get panicked if you feel a little discomfort after the visit to your doctor. The braces exert tension on your teeth which causes you to feel slight pain after tightening. It usually lasts a few days so do not panic. If you wish, you can request the doctor to prescribe you a few painkillers
  3. Biting: Don’t chew on hard things like pencils, or pens, or other hard objects! This can cause the wires to snap sometimes

Apart from this, do not forget to smile! If you have any more doubts or need any help, get in touch with us!


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