Don’t we all know the drama that follows a loose tooth? We have all seen how a hanging tooth can lead to nervous sobbing and refusing to eat because the tooth will hurt. As parents, we do a number of firsts like blowing the nose with our t-shirt and some of us have gone even as far as peeping in the toilet bowl to check the color of the output. Yes, it’s a tough job and also involves taking care of baby tooth that decides to hang with a single thread and make life hell one meal at a time.
So, should you pull out that hanging tooth from your child’s mouth and salvage everyone from a do or die situation? Well, that completely depends upon the condition of the tooth. Most dentists do not recommend pulling out the milk teeth unless you are facing a special, out of this world condition and there are a number of reasons behind this recommendation. Let us talk more and understand what you should be doing when one of your baby’s tooth decides to leave the earth side.

Why Does a Child Lose Teeth?
Most kids have a set of 20 baby teeth by the time they turn 3. Front teeth are always the first to come and in most cases, they are the first to go when the child grows up to be 6 or 7 years old. Baby teeth start getting loose as the body prepares to sprout permanent teeth; the roots of the baby teeth automatically dissolve and prepare to fall out. A tooth gets progressively loose as the permanent teeth push out of the gums. This procedure is a very natural method and every child has to go through it.
Should you Visit a Dentist?
Yes, if faced with a dire tooth situation, you should always consult a dentist. A dentist will never ever pull out a loose tooth unless that tooth is extremely loose and dangling by the last bits. This precaution is taken to ensure that the tooth is completely ready to fall out and the child will not face any tissue or bone damage. Sometimes, pulling out a tooth can also lead to excessive bleeding. Therefore, if a tooth is hanging by its life and threatening your peace of mind, talk to your child’s dentist and let him/her take a call about its fate. Letting a tooth fall down naturally is the best way out.
When you Should NOT Pull Out your Child’s Teeth?
If you are tempted to pull out the teeth and settle the drama once and for all, read the points below to ensure that you are not causing any damage.

  1. The tooth is only slightly moving.
  2. The child experiences pain even with the slightest touch.
  3. Pulling it looks like a tedious and bloody task.

All the above points indicate that the tooth is not ready to fall yet. So, stay away and better yet call a dentist.
Losing a tooth may look like an easy task to us but it is a big deal for kids. So, if your child is anxious and is belting out a full-on Opera performance, be patient, be kind and think back to your childhood; maybe

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