If you thought pollution has been harming only your lungs, well think again. Experts say that pollution is highly damaging to our teeth as well. The metals and chemicals present in the air attack our teeth and over time they can lead to a number of problems like discoloring, erosion and even decay. So, if you have been wondering lately about your tooth problems, take time to consider where you live and how much pollution you are facing every day. Here is a list of types of pollution that are fast eating away on your eating machines. Read on.

  1. Acids in Air
    At any given time, there are several acids in the air, all thanks to industrial pollutions and laws that have failed to curb them. Acids in the air also come majorly from the burning of coal and oil and they are present in enormous amounts in the air, so much so that they make the rains acidic. Acids are especially bad for teeth because they cause tooth erosion. Tooth erosion occurs when the acid in the air erodes away the enamel of our teeth. This is also caused by heavy consumption of acidic foods. Acids in the air also cause a number of physical health ailments.
  2. Fluoride
    Fluoride is widely advertised as to be a good chemical for our teeth and is used in some of the top toothpastes across the globe. In reality, we need only a small amount of it to protect our teeth. Too much of this chemical can cause bone and tooth damage and additional exposure to it can cause decay and discoloring. Fluoride is commonly found in water supplies and is also present in high levels in coal.
  3. Heavy Metals
    No, heavy metal music cannot damage your teeth, unless you hate it and grind your teeth every time it plays. Jokes apart, heavy metals are present in our atmosphere, food, water and even plants, again all thanks to the industrial revolution and a failure to address the inadequate rules and regulations related to industrial pollution. We consume heavy metals through everyday activities like breathing, eating, drinking and one of the major sources, cigarette smoking. Heavy metals cause yellow teeth and can also lead to tooth erosion and decay over time.
  4. Smoke
    It has been proven that smoke inhalation even without the chemicals in the air causes damage to teeth. A discovery of an ancient body in Tel Aviv, in the year 2015, showed signs of tooth damage caused by smoke which might have been used to roast meat.
    Imagine, plain simple smoke has the capability of harming our teeth and here we are inhaling smoke filled with acids, chemicals and heavy metals. So, how do you think our teeth are? Yes, weak, very weak and very prone to decay, erosion and cavities.
    The only way to protect our teeth in the current times is to take proper care of them, listen to the dentist and avoid bad practices like smoking and too much alcohol consumption. A control on the amount of acidic food in your diet is also a good idea.

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