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Wishing you most and more. July is the seventh month and is one of the greenest months of the year. The month begins with National Doctor’s Day and we wish all of our readers a very Happy Doctor’s Day. A Doctor’s duty is not only about treating patients, but it is also about spreading awareness among them about how to prevent diseases so that they can live a happy healthy life for a longer period of time.
This month also marks Padharpur Yatra which is a very special celebration in tradition of Maharashtra. Lakhs of Warkaris from all across Maharashtra will be coming to Pune which is en route to Pandharpur on 9th July 2015. This Padharpur Yatra is an opportunity for us to spread awareness about oral health among the warkaris, who are usually farmers from villages and help them achieve a healthy oral life.

Every month we bring you a good read to keep you and your family smiles healthy.
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What are the ways I can replace my Teeth?

Today on the occasion of doctors day 32 smiles carried out very special oral health awareness camp for kids with audio visual by our two enthusiastic doctors, Dr Priyanka Mehta and Dr. Shaza.

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”
– William Arthur Ward

18 year old female patient reported with severe spacing in upper anterior teeth and unhappy smile.

Orthodontic braces treatment carried out to correct spacing to improve smile followed by frenectomy procedure

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