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32Smiles turned 10 last month. We have been spreading beautiful smiles and happiness for the last 10 years. Thank you all for your love and blessings for this wonderful journey. We all celebrated the 10th anniversary at the clinic and also on an outdoor excursion to Vetal Tekdi, followed by a mouth-watering breakfast at Sharvari!

Last month we wrote a blog on Gum Health. Here’s the link to the post:

Summer is here. Make sure that you drink enough water. You can even keep some water in a vessel for birds on your terrace or balcony.

Until next month, wishing you a happy and smiling month ahead!

Dr. Milind Darda, 32Smiles


Are you worried about your gum health?
Did you happen to notice ANY of these signs with you or your child:
Gums that appear red or swollen
Gums that feel tender
Gums that bleed easily (during brushing or flossing)
Gums that recede or pull away from the teeth
Persistent halitosis, or bad breath
Loose teeth Read more…

7-foodTop 7 Foods and Drinks that are bad for your teeth
If ‘you are what you eat’ is true, that’s particularly true for your teeth and gums. When it comes to dental health, what people eat and drink – and how they consume it – has a powerful impact on their teeth. And on the list of good and bad foods, there may be some surprises. A tooth’s worst enemy is acid – either directly contained in the food and drink, or produced by bacteria that thrive on sugar and convert it to acid.
Read more…

Age – 13 Years

Complaint: Patients complained of irregular anterior teeth.

Treatment: Non-extraction Orthodontic treatment carried out with functional appliance and fixed braces to improve Bite and facial esthetics.

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