The temperatures have started to dip. As the cold weather sets in, we must have started to look forward for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. There is going to be a lot of socialising during these events. Maintain your dental health and enjoy the last month of this year to the core.


Dear friends,

Wishing you most and more. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are big celebrations this month. You must have already started planning for celebrations. Shopping, food, party and get-together definitely sounds fun. Amidst all the hustle, make sure you take good care of your health.

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Management of Dental Emergencies

Smile ranks even above the eyes in your look.

17 year old female patient reported complained about wide spacing in her front teeth and was unhappy with her smile. Non-extraction fixed braces treatment was done to close the gap which was then followed by a frenectomy to improve smile and teeth alignment. This is the result at 32 Smiles.



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