Wishing you all a very happy and smiling February. We at 32 smiles have started with Dental Fitness Centre, a social initiative, to spread dental fitness awareness to maximum people all across the country through newsletters, Facebook posts, Blogs and through social camps. (Interested clubs or groups can contact us at 32 smiles for such Dental Fitness awareness camps).

Dental Fitness Centre’s first social initiative took place on 25th Jan 2013 at JANANI, a centre for pregnant ladies. The session was about Dental Care for Pregnant Ladies and Dental Care for Kids. The program received a very good response by enthusiastic participants who had a lot of queries about the dental and dietary care for their children.

Our February blog is also dedicated to such caring mothers, who are stressed because of their children’s habit of thumb sucking. So do read the article and leave your comments to help us improve this initiative and spread healthy smiles.

– Dr. Milind Darda, 32 Smiles.

Thumb sucking – should we stop it or neglect it?

Whenever parents see their babies sucking on their thumb they find it really cute and adorable, but when the same thing is seen in grown up kids you will find parents pulling out their hair, trying everything possible to stop it. Read more…

Dental Sealant – Way to protect teeth and prevent decay

Kids today are more prone to tooth decay due to changing food habits and poor maintenance, The enamel on kids teeth are immature and porous. It takes seven years for the porous, chalky enamel to be replaced by more mature, dense, hard, shiny enamel. Read more…

Age – 21
Complaint – Severe irregular teeth and unhappy with smile.
Treatment – Orthodontic (braces) treatment done to improve her teeth alignment and smile forever

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