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Do you know that you can whiten your teeth naturally? Yes, bleach can definitely help. But, at your home, you too can contribute to your teeth’s whiteness. Our June blog is dedicated to “Natural ways of Teeth Whitening”. Do read the blog and share it with your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Everyone who reads it will be benefitted.

At 32 Smiles, we keep sharpening our skills and keep upgrading our knowledge to give you the best treatments. In June, we had arranged for a lecture on “Excellence in Composites” by Dr. Rashmi Chug, associate dentist at 32 Smiles. It was a great session and our entire team is thankful to Dr. Rashmi for taking the time out to conduct the session for our team.

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Dr. Milind Darda, 32 Smiles

Natural ways of Teeth Whitening
Who doesn’t want a brighter smile! Almost everybody cares for good looking whiter teeth that add a shine to your smile. While there is a variety of solutions available, people would consider giving a try to natural methods. Here are few natural teeth whitening methods
A.From the kitchen- 1.
Crunchy food- An apple a day keeps a doctor away!
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Do I need a Bright Smile?
Everybody loves a bright white smile. This is the era of socialising, meeting people, presenting you to the world. A brighter smile will also enhance your look and add a spark to your face. You have always wanted a beautiful white smile or your teeth have yellowed over time. Let’s have a look on reasons for yellowing of teeth:- Just like everybody has different hair and skin colour, people also have different tooth colour. Read more…

Age – 42 Years

Complaint: 42 year old female patient complaint of spacing in anterior teeth and she was unhappy with smile.

Treatment: Braces treatment carried out to close anterior spaces and to improve smiles.

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