What are the reasons for tooth fracture?

• Bike Accidents
• Sports accidents
• Biting on hard foodstuffs
• Trauma
• Fights and Physical assaults

When are the chances of tooth fracture more?

• Proclined teeth are more susceptible to fracture
• Teeth already weekend due to decay

How to treat Fractured Tooth?

Various Treatment Options are available preventive and corrective depending on extent of fracture.

Preventive Treatment

Orthodontic treatment: In cases where the proclination of the teeth is more, the amount of force of an injury is more on the anterior teeth. Orthodontic treatment can be used to correct the alignment of teeth and reduce the proclination of teeth hence reducing the chances of fracture.

Mouth guards: Mouthguards are used in sports where deliberate or accidental impact too the face and jaw may cause harm. Such impacts may occur in many sports like baseball, boxing, wrestling, football, etc.

Corrective treatment:

• Composite(tooth coloured) filling can be done for cases with minor fracture where the pulp is not exposed.
• Laminates or Veneers
• Crowns (in cases where the Nerve is damaged due to fracture,Root Canal Treatment may be required followed by a crown.)

– Priyanka Rathi- Associate Dentist 32 Smiles, Pune

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