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Wishing you most and more. August is the eighth month of the year and is going to witness a very special ceremony that will help us to achieve our goal of spreading smiles across Pune. Being a dental care clinic, it is our duty to keep you and your family always smiling with the best care possible therefore we have started a new branch of 32 Smiles at Koregoan Park to be easily and quickly reachable for the patients.
Serving our patients with the full potential is what we believe in and we are striving hard for that.

Every month we bring you a good read to keep you and your family smiles healthy.

A healthy oral cavity leads to a healthy body & a healthy body leads to a healthy mind! 
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Healthy teeth = Healthy me

Wonderful fulfilling experience to do dental check up for Warkaris and distributing toothbrush & paste among them to spread awareness about oral health.

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.

12 year old female patient reported complaining of irregular anterior teeth and unhappy with smile. Non extraction fixed braces treatment done to improve smile and teeth alignment.


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