Bad breath is something about which people do feel shameful but do not understand the severity it holds. Medically termed as halitosis, Bad breath is the odor originating from the mouth which may be caused as an implication of poor dental hygiene or as a symptom of an underlying serious disease. Though people think of bad breath as a result of careless attitude towards lifestyle, the problem can be far more serious than the assumption.

 What are the types of Bizarre Breath?

Statistics suggest, out of the total cases of breath, 90% are caused by negligence in dental hygiene and the rest 10% are the indication of a serious health problem.

Having said that, Bad breath can be broadly classified into two categories which are as follows:

  1.  Bad breath influenced by oral hygiene

In this case, the origin of bad breath has been caused as a result of improper dental hygiene. This problem is easily treatable and paying proper attention to oral hygiene as well as visiting a dentist will do a great help.

  1. Bad breath indicating a serious health problem

However, in this case, the scenario is complex. It’s quite complicated to determine the exact underlying cause.

What are the causes of Bizarre Breath?

  • Poor oral hygiene

One of the most common causes for the occurrence of Bad breath is poor oral hygiene which emerges as a result of improper care of dental health. Bacteria residing inside the mouth after reacting with trapped food particles may produce a foul smell or bad breath.

  • Type of diet consumed

Some eatables are flavored in a manner that they produce a strong smell like onion, garlic, alcohol, coffee etc. Consumption of such type of food can be a reason for bad breath which can be rectified with proper dental care techniques.

  • Smoking habits

Smoking is another significant cause of bad breath. In addition to bad breath, smoking causes discoloration of teeth, irritation in gums and may affect the taste buds.

  • Side-effects of Medicines

Certain medicines are of such a nature, consumption of which results in mouth odor. These medicines include chemotherapy, nitrates, phenothiazines etc.

Remedies to cure mouth odor

  • Adopt good oral hygiene

the basic tip to avoid mouth odor is to adopt good dental hygiene. Brushing twice daily, using floss and mouthwash helps in removal of odor irrespective of the cause of origination.

  • Quit smoking and alcohol

Smoking and consumption of alcohol become a foundation of a number of disorders including bad breath. Hence, quitting or decreasing the frequency smoking and alcohol does a great help.

  • Keep a check on the food you consume

As mentioned above, a certain type of foods produces a strange smell which appears as bad breath. Cut short the list of such foods in your diet. If not, brush and floss your teeth after their consumption.

  • Visit your dentist regularly

Regular visits to a dentist help you in recognizing the hidden reasons which are causing mouth odor and also, helps you track diseases like dry mouth, periodontal diseases etc.


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