According to recent research by Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, dental cavities are the most prevalent oral disease in India whose prevalence is reported to 31.5-89%. Dental Cavities refer to decaying or softening of the enamel resulting in a hole which can damage the entire structure of tooth as well as can affect the other teeth.

Symptoms of Dental Cavity

  • Pits

Pits or dark holes can be observed on the tooth when the cavity has been advanced. This symptom indicates the requirement of immediate attention since the tooth has been damaged to a deep extent.

  • Pain and Sensitivity

Dental pain is the most common symptom of cavities. While chewing or eating, acute pain can be sensed which is generally identifiable when the cavity is budding, accompanied by sensitivity.

  • Pus

Pus is the most severe symptom of dental cavities which occurs in rare cases. An occurrence of pus in the tooth reflects that the cavity has reached to an extent where it has developed an infection on the tooth. Such a case requires immediate dental assistance.

Certain cavities are not visible with naked eye. If the above symptoms are being experienced with no trace of visibility, an X-Ray is recommended.

Causes of Dental Cavity

  • Negligence of Oral Health

The major cause of cavities is improper care or negligence of oral health. Lack of attention to oral health lets the plaque build up on the tooth and attack the enamel, resulting in cavities.

  • Formation of plaque

Plague occurs when bacteria combine with sugar, saliva and food particles. when plague bacteria break down the sugar in the mouth, converting it into acids which can cause cavities.

  • Consumption of junk food

Junk Food is acidic in nature. Since acids result in the formation of plague, consumption of acidic food will allow the cavities to occur.


There are a number of treatments available; however, the dentists recommend a particular treatment after examining the severity of the case.

The most commonly recommended treatments are as follows:

  • Tooth filling

Tooth filling refers to a procedure where the dentist removes the decayed material of the tooth and after cleaning it, inserts the filling which brings to the tooth back in the same position in which it was before decaying. There are a number of fillings including gold, silver, plastic resins and porcelain. The choice of the filling can be influenced by the chances of allergy to certain material, where the cavity is present, cost etc.

  • Dental cap

Dental caps, commonly known as crowns are a tool through which the decayed tooth is encircled after the removable of the decayed material. In case of large cavities, customized caps are placed on the tooth to replace the natural crown.

  • Root Canal

If the cavities have reached to the root of the tooth, this treatment is recommended. Root Canal treatment refers to operating the decayed tooth by removing the damaged material, nerve tissues and blood vessel tissues. After the treatment, the dentist might place a cap on the tooth.


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