Dear Friends,

Wish you all a very Happy New Year from the entire team at 32 Smiles.

So, what are your new year resolutions? As your dentist, I have a few suggestions:
1. Smile a lot. Read the advantages of smiling here:
2. If you are a smoker. Quit it today. Go through these effects of smoking: It will help you consider quitting immediately.
3. Spend the right amount of time to Brush your teeth everyday. See this video explaining in detail about how you should brush:
4. Avoid fast foods which are bad for your health and for your teeth.

Let’s begin the new year with lots of smiles and good health.

– Dr. Milind Darda, 32 Smiles.

Fluorides and Teeth
Did you know that your teeth have a built-in defense system to help protect them from cavities and tooth decay? This defensive covering is called enamel and it forms a hard, protective shell over the surface of your teeth. However, bacteria can eat away this protective layer if you don’t properly clean and take care of your mouth. Dentists recommend receiving regular fluoride treatments to help strengthen your enamel and reverse the effects of tooth decay. Read more…

Your Smile Your Health
Why is it important to have a beautiful smile? Confidence: Look Good, Feel Good. Smile definitely goes a long way in making you feel good by making you look good. It’s as simple as that: When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you’re going to be more productive, energetic, and of course, more confident in everything you do.
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Age – 21 year

Complaint: 21 year old female patient with spacing in anterior teeth with missing lateral incisors and anterior-cross bite.

Treatment: Non extraction braces and functional appliance treatment carried out to improve smile and bite.

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