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This month, we’ve included a beautiful video on “A Smile can change your life”. The link to the video is given below. I request you to watch this video. It will surely make you smile. Our May blog was on Why does the teeth become yellow and why do you need a bright Smile? Both the video and the blog are a must visit.

At 32 Smiles, we have started a unique simplified test called as O test for oral cancer detection. We are proud to announce that 32 Smiles is now an official Oral Cancer Testing Centre. We will be posting details about it on our blog and Facebook very soon.

It is proven in a study that a simple act of smiling is sure to increase happiness in a person. So, until next month – wishing you loads of happy smiles!

– Dr. Milind Darda, 32 Smiles.

Do I need a Bright Smile?
Everybody loves a bright white smile. This is the era of socialising, meeting people, presenting you to the world. A brighter smile will also enhance your look and add a spark to your face. You have always wanted a beautiful white smile or your teeth have yellowed over time.Let’s have a look on reasons for yellowing of teeth: Just like everybody has different hair and skin colour, people also have different tooth colour.
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Tips for Mothers for healthy teeth in Infant child from 0 – 1 year of age
Good oral hygiene begins before the first tooth appears. Your child’s primary (milk) and permanent teeth are important for chewing, speaking, and appearance. In addition, the primary teeth maintain space for the permanent teeth to come into the mouth. Since a healthy mouth contributes greatly to your child’s self-esteem, good oral health practices should begin in infancy and continue throughout life. Read more…

Age – 13 Years

Complaint: 13 year old male patient reported with severe upper teeth protrusion and missing back teeth and was unhappy with smile.

Treatment: Fixed braces treatment done for 22 months to improve smile and teeth alignment and to close molar teeth spaces.

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