We are all living in a world of social media. The pressure to look good is building around us day by day. Who doesn’t want that perfect Selfie or perfect DP. Your perfect smile makes your Selfie of DP even more appealing. But this perfect smile story has so many villains called Chipped tooth, Yellow teeth, Gaps in between teeth and Crooked teeth leading to a disastrous and tragic ending to your perfect story. Now Its time to get your Heroes or saviours into the scene. Here comes… “Cosmetic Dentistry “, “ Smile makeovers “, “Smile designing” , “Aesthetic Dentistry “. So many terms but one meaning.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry???

Cosmetic dentistry as the name has it is nothing but an effort to transform your smile in a non-invasive or mildly invasive way. Once your teeth are assessed There are various ways to do so depending on the requirement. Cosmetic Fillings , Veneers or Tooth coloured half caps, full Ceramic Crowns or Caps.

Cosmetic fillings: A non-invasive way to treat minor defects like chipped tooth, broken tooth, minor gaps in between teeth.. After matching the shade of your existing natural teeth these cosmetic fillings begin their magic. This is an in house procedure and is carried out in the same appointment. The material used for cosmetic fillings is called Composite which is a kind of resin and it comes in different shades which is chosen based on requirement.

Veneers or tooth coloured half caps: Minimally invasive method of correcting minor defects like gaps between teeth, discoloured teeth, abnormally sized teeth, for smile designing etc. This is an in house procedure whereafter minimal changes are made on the existing natural tooth, measurements are taken and sent to the laboratory for fabrication of the veneers. Then these veneers are fixed onto the existing natural teeth. These veneers have a good shade matching capacity and they are made completely of ceramic.

Full Ceramic Crowns /Caps: This is a method used to correct larger defects, for smile designing, after root canal treatment for protection of the tooth, extremely disfigured teeth and replacement of missing teeth. This is an in house procedure where Certain amount of changes are made on the existing natural teeth involved, measurements are taken and sent to laboratory  for fabrication of the crowns/caps which are then fixed onto the concerned teeth. These Crowns/Caps are generally fabricated in two ways one from a single block of ceramic and one where ceramic layers are added one over the other. Based on the requirement and cost the type is chosen. They have great shade matching capacity and are mildly invasive procedures.

Advantages of Aesthetic Dentistry:

  • Faster results.
  • Minor and Major corrections can be carried out
  • All procedures are done in house
  • Almost accurate shade matching.

Disadvantages of Aesthetic Dentistry:

  • Minimally to mildly invasive procedures
  • May not be as strong as natural teeth
  • Some amount of reduction of tooth structure may be required
  • It requires oral hygiene maintenance.

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