The essence of one’s personality is their smile. Smile enhances the appearance, confidence and creates an aura of positivity around you. Smile and confidence go hand in hand. However, if the structure of your teeth makes you conscious about your personality, then it’s going to affect your confidence as well.  Orthodontic Solutions is the appropriate option to consider for the alignment of the structure of your teeth for having a confident and blissful smile!

Earlier, the scope of orthodontics was limited to metal braces to rectify the problems of unstructured teeth. However, with advancement in technology, Orthodontics has developed a wide range of alternatives that are more effective, esthetic and comfortable than the traditional metal braces. While traditional metal braces are extremely effective, but the flip side is, the level of discomfort one has to bear neutralizes one’s choice to opt for them.

Often, people who have or have had metal braces, find difficulty in cleaning, chewing and eating, which ultimately results in discoloration of the teeth as well as brings negative results to the general health because of inability to eat. In addition to it, the entire idea of opting for braces is to get a beautiful smile which the metal braces fail to do till they are on.

To replace the traditional metal braces, Orthodontics has the following alternatives:


Invisalign Braces

The right alternative to this problem is Invisalign or Invisible braces, which are basically a clear tray of thermoplastic material which helps in alignment of the teeth by building pressure on them. Each tray of Invisalign aligners has to be replaced after every 14 days.

The benefit of using Invisalign Braces is that they are removable and hence, do not obstruct while eating, chewing or cleaning. For proper alignment of teeth, a patient is required to wear these braces for a time period varying from 9-12 months depending upon the severity of the case.


Lingual Braces

Quite similar to the metal braces, lingual braces, are another equipment for alignment of your teeth. The only difference that discrete them from the traditional metal braces is that they are placed on the back side of teeth. Lingual Braces consist of the thinnest brackets on the inner side of teeth with the similar wire and elastics as in metal braces.

The advantage of using Lingual Braces over metal braces is that they neither compromise the comfort nor are they visible. A patient is required to wear the lingual braces for a time period of 12-24 weeks.


Tooth-colored Braces

Ceramic Braces, popularly known as the tooth-colored braces, consist of a thin and virtually less visible wire that helps in adjustment and alignment of the teeth which resembles the color of one’s teeth. The translucent ceramic braces are appearance and comfort-friendly. They are aligned on the front side of the teeth and help in rectifying the structure of the teeth within 12-18 months.



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